IFMSA Czech Republic is a non-governmental organization in the Czech Republic and is a part of IFMSA. It is a student association with 8 Local Committees in 4 Czech Universities. Almost 1000 members can participate in several committees – SCOPE, SCORE, SCOPH, SCOME, SCORP

Student society IFSMA CZ has a local committee in each medical faculty of the Czech Republic. Thanks to that, we have the chance to improve study and work environment in the whole Czech medical education. In each faculty, we have a great team of local coordinators, who take care of multiple projects all year round. Several projects are focused on the public as an external part of our work and in the same time, we have plenty of projects for personal development of medical students.

IFMSA CZ - NGA fall 2016
IFMSA CZ - NGA fall 2016

Our biggest public projects are big events during World Diabetes Day, World Health days and World AIDS week. They are organized every year and in every city, where we have a Local Committee. This part of IFMSA CZ is the most social beneficial and we have a real impact on Czech society. We believe this part of IFMSA deserves huge attention, since we, as medical students, have the great opportunity to make a real difference and help the Czech public.

A big issue for us is also the well-being of medical students in the Czech Republic. As every education, even the Czech one experiences some difficulties. It is more than clear, that some changes take time and even different point of view. Members of IFMSA CZ know really good, that students have to be part of these changes. More of our projects offer students chances to develop themselves outside of lectures and lessons. There are the favorite Surgical Workshops, for freshmen there are some extra courses of Histology and Anatomy, special lectures with inspirational speakers, Gynecology practical seminars and so on. Everything is organized and led by students for students.

All this effort is fueled by the idea, that students shouldn't be just a passive part of the university, but also productive during their studies. Mentioned above, we do our best to create better and healthier environment for the public and for other medical students, but that is not all. Through all projects, clerkships and events we grow to be far more responsible, realiable and skillful doctors. IFMSA is not just for others, it is also about us!