Welcome to PRET&TNT Prague 2017

Let us invite you to the event consisting of Professional and Research Exchange Training and Training New Trainers held in lovely spring Prague this year, under patronage of the IFMSA CZ. Global Health and social determinants were chosen as main topic, because we want to emphasize its importance in today’s world.

If you are interested, do not forget to check out more information about PRET and TNT which should give you more insight of organized events. And if you would like to come and take part in the event, do not hesitate and registrate! There are only few remaining spots and the event is right around the corner.

In the meantime you can crawl our webpages inside-out and check for further information about accommodation, venues, etc. And if you are interested in the Global Health, check out ARTICLE written by SCOPE General Assistant Tommaso Pomerani.